Paint metering a Ferrari - true or false

I know there are a bunch of Ferrari & exotic car owners on COPA .

I took out my paint meter to help a friend buy a used car and did a demo on my Ferrari and Wow!! WTF. My Ferrari failed !! Numbers were all over the place with means in paint meter world - your car has been repainted - most likely from an accident…

I called Ferrari and they told me not to worry ! All Ferrari’s are hand painted and paint metering does not work on Ferrari’s. HMMM.
I googled this question and I didn’t find verification . My car also has the special paint “Bianca Italia” - which is a triple coat of pearl white - which my sales rep said would also create wild readings .

Thoughts ?

Having toured the factory I’ll say they aren’t exactly hand painted. The paint facility is a marvel of robotics, though it appears some areas are addressed with manual guns. Your special paint job is complicated (beautiful!) and could have more variance. Personally I’d suspect that a meter may not be so accurate with aluminum panels and not worry much.


Just my $.02 worth, but you should have bought a Toyota. The paint job on the Camry I had was nearly perfect.

At least next time you’ll know.

I’m shocked that there’s minimal discussion on this . My Ford Gt is aluminum panels … I’ll try the meter and see if it’s the same …

Pearled paints are unmeterable.

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What Jeff said. The pearled paints can’t get good readings.

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