Only one way to stop hijacking

Many extreme measures are about to be implemented to try to stop this hijacking weapon, which will choke freedoms and our economy. But the only way to stop this is being overlooked, and may be one of the most heroic stories in this tragedy.

It appears the passengers on UA flight 93 may have perished stopping the hijackers from their mission, causing the plane to crash in Pennsylvania.

This is the only real answer to hijacking. There is nothing that the cowards fear more than true bravery. The terrorist assumption is that when Americans die, they surrender (Lebannon, Sudan, etc.) If the terrorists know that their attempt at martyrdom will be met by equal determination, that Americans will not permit themselves to be used as weapons to attack their fellow men, then the terrorists will abandon that path.

The same propaganda machines (our networks) that are filling our minds with images of destruction and despair must be redirected to focus on the will and heroism that is the only way to foil this evil. Every passenger must board a plane knowing they will not permit such a crime.