One of California's finest - SBA on the web!

I just discovered this wonderful site that is documenting the lovely California coast. SBA is here

And you can find my house at about here:
Lat - 34 deg 15.2 min N
Lon - 119 deg 15.7 min W


Another California landmark: the caption says it all…

Disclaimer: We love this beach and my wife took the family there a few weekends ago - however she WAS on the south end - where the, um, regular people hang out… [:$]

My neighborhood! My place is about 2 miles ESE from that location. You can see my place as a white house with what looks like two black square windows about 1" to the right of the dead center of this picture (the large photo on that page).

This your humble abode, Gordon? Nice place! View must be outstanding!


Great Spot Gordon – listen my wife and 7 young kids need a place to stay while we are out in California…at least now I know where to drop them off !

Good ocean view - yeah. But the best thing is that I’m only a couple miles from the airport! [:)]