New York City Partners

I’m a CFI, CFII, MEI looking to join a partnership on a late model SR22 at a realistic price. Drop me a line at robreuland @ mac dot com


“a realistic price”

How subjective . . .

Had you considered Airshares Elite out of HPN?

Yes, and I’ve spoken to them. Based on my discussions and calculations Airshares works out to more than $400/hour, which is significantly more than most FBOs are charging.


According to some of our finest COPA human calculator minds $400+ is the real operating cost of an SR22 when depreciation and cost of funds are calculated in. Most of us choose to be in denial on this subject. It hurts less. There have been several posts on that very subject.

Denial is a necessary part of this game, but since SR22s can be rented below $300 wet buying into a frax at $400 loses some of its appeal. I know a field where I can rent a SR20 for $170 wet.

Sure, one is building equity in a frax, but the asset is also depreciating so I think that’s a wash. Therefore you’re left with a $100+ gap between renting and owning and I don’t quite understand it.

Surely Airshares deserves to make a profit, but if an FBO is presumably making a profit with essentially the same expenses as the frax, why is the latter so much more expensive?

In the NY area, all of Airshares SR22s are 06s so they’re at the end of their “life” and will be sold in a year so I’m still pondering why the premium.

Hay, watch it there. I’ve got a glass panel 03’ and it’s not yet ready to be put out to pasture.

And, as to depreciation, many Cirrus pilots wear their depreciation curve like a red badge of courage. It’s just something that every Cirrus owners does. Watching your plane depreciate is part of the privilege of ownership. Under the Federal accelerated depreciation programs, some even get all worked up about seeing their plane depreciate faster then normal depreciation… I mean . . . really. What fun is flying if you don’t own a depreciating aircraft?

Curious as to where you are renting 22’s for less than $300/ hr, but I agree AirShares is exxy. The issue with the rental aircraft around here is availability, partic if you are a weekend warrior. Given how mahy used aircraft have been on the market for months and months, I am surprised there is not more incentive for these owners to put their a/c out for lease.

I know you guys are talking New York, but we do have some nice prices in Madison (little far to drive, though [:D]). I’ve never flown them, but I hear they are in good condition (I think the more expensive SR22 is a 2006 model).

The other consideration is mission: if you plan on taking a plane for a weekend but with a relatively short flight (i.e. HPN to MVY), flight schools have been know to charge significant minumum hour fees or just prohibit the practice. In my experience, flight schools are less willing to lose their asset for days at a time. Back in the late 90’s when I was flying out of Million Air at TEB, that was 6 hours a day minimum for an ‘IFR’ Archer or 172. I am sure it doesn’t net out on pure economics, but sometimes there is a cost associated with less fettered access. In disclosure, I am an ASNY member flying out of HPN.