First - I am putting this in the M14 Forum because it was such a big hit at M13. If you want to push to the cheap seats I am good with it. Hope this is received well.

NexAir is again going to reduce the cost of the new PS Engineering Audio Panels (PMA450A and PMA8000G) for people going to M14. I will also be there for anyone that would like me to install their new Audio Panel on-site. Here is the flyer I will have at the show.

I will have a very limited supply of each at the show so if you think this is of interest please respond so I can bring more units. You can still order at the show for delivery later.

Will also have some great specials from Avidyne and Garmin installed by us of course - Stay tuned. Like my pal Jimmy Barker I will tease you with a picture of a box:


NexAir Avionics

Can you install one in my Eclipse? Pretty-please? [:P]

Ok, I think I might bite on this one. With the PMA panels, you can get bluetooth streaming from your phone into the audio panel, which would get rid of my need for the impedance adaptor, and associated cable in the center console correct?

Anyone with one of these have a PIREP?

I did this at last migration and I love my PMA450. Listen to the Bluetooth audio all the time and the intelliaudio tech is awesome. I had an issue with it at first but soon realized it was user error as my headphones were set to mono.

I think the install took under 90 seconds.


I had Nexair upgrade the panel on my 2006 SR22 GTS earlier this year. One of the upgrades was the PMA450 audio panel. I highly recommend it!! Some of the features that I love about it is the Bluetooth, Radio Recorder and playback, the USB Charging Port, IntelliAudio feature. It is a game changer when it comes to audio panels.

I was sorta bummed that they came out with the PMA450A like a week after I had you guys install the PMA450 for me. :slight_smile: In any case though, it’s been a great audio panel and you guys did a flawless job installing it.

Hi Mitchel, correct, both the PMA8000G and the PMA450A have Bluetooth for music streaming and phone calls. The PMA450A takes it another step further with enhanced Bluetooth capability. Using the new OLED display, when you do get a call, you will see caller ID, be able to answer and hang up the phone and change the phone volume, all from the front panel. The PMA450A also provides the Bluetooth streaming as the third, independent music source. So now you have music 1, music 2, and Bluetooth that can be routed to the pilot, copilot, or passengers.

The PMA8000G has our new flightmate®. This allows the pilot to create four audio alerts, that then can be tide into electronic instruments or other devices that give a discrete upon a condition.

Both the PMA8000B, PMA8000G, the PMA450A be at the PS Engineering booth during Migration 14.

Mark Scheuer

PS Engineering

Sounds too good to pass up. I will be seriously looking at an audio upgrade.


I currently have a PMA 8000 unit that has been flawless for 7 years of operation now. I presume that that PMA450A is plug and ply with that unit as well and not just the Garmin audio panel.

I have flown with the PMA 450 in a few planes now and love it! I am now seriously considering the upgrade as the audio options and quality of sound is spectacular. But I am suffering from living in a location with poor avionics support. I wish Dave at Nexair was “next door”!

Sure - does it need to actually work?

No, he just wants to practice his spelling so he can be a better proofreader![:D]


I too have a PMA8000 and love the 450, so I have been doing a bit of research. Yes, it is plug and play with yours.

So I guess you could do it yourself except it needs a sign off?


Easy cheesy to install. Yes it needs a sign off. Come to Migration and Dave will do it for you. Or if I’m at a CPPP you are at with your plane I’ll do it.

Hey Brian -

This is really easy. I have a SR22 in the shop not that I have to bring back to Savanna right after M14. I can bring an audio panel and meet you at Signature and install it for you free of charge… even sign it off.


NexAir Avionics

PS>> One of my lead technicians left [:(] and now runs a shop in Morehead City NC. Not super close to you but beats the ride to MA. His is good and hopefully will be able to help out in that area.


I have the PMA450. Love it. It was the best of all audio panels that I auditioned a year ago (Garmin, Avidyne), and looks the the 450A is another step up.


I have sent you a PM Dave!

I was one of the ones who did the upgrade at M14.

The PMA450 is a really great audio panel. At first I was skeptical of the IntelliAudio function (thought it was more of a gimmick than utility), but after using it, it really works in decluttering the audio. It really helps when you are trying to pick up the ATIS and still talk to ATC. Another bonus is the front panel USB for charging. Very handy and doesn’t cause any static in the radios like some of the 12V cigarette lighter plug in ones.

I upgraded from the PMA8000BT (which was a great audio panel), but the PMA450 is so much easier to use because of the display.

I sold that Cirrus and moved into a G1000 Mirage. The one thing I miss the is the audio panel… So that should tell you something about how much better the PS Engineering audio panels are.

OK, Greg just landed in Duluth and I bet our booth will be set up in just a few hours. I sure hope you all will stop by and say hello to Greg, he has never been to a Migration, or for that matter, to Duluth.

He will have our PMA8000B, PMA8000G, and our PMA450A, hope you get a chance to say hi to Greg.

Mark Scheuer

NOTE: According to Dave Featherston he sold all 5 PMA450A with the PS Streamers in the first 20 minutes of Migration 14. Tonight they get installed! Thanks Dave!

Happily, I was one of the five! Unfortunately, I was busy with Migration activities and couldn’t get out to the airplane for the installation. But, with the plug-and-play design, it will be quickly installed when I get home. [:D]