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Has anyone done the new bose upgrade and if so how do you like it. It is suppose to turn off the unit as to save the battery. I have 3 and thinking about it and the cost. thanks from don


I ordered 2 of the upgrades about 3 weeks ago and haven’t seen them yet. I’m going to call Bose and see what’s up on Tuesday.

I’ll let you know what I think of them as soon as I have a chance to fly with them.


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Has anyone done the new bose upgrade and if so how do you like it.

I’ve been beta-testing the new battery unit. I have 60 hours on the original batteries - still going strong! BIG improvement on the older 9v unit. The auto-turn off works fine. I also have the ship’s powered units.

Where can I find info about the upgrade? I can’t find it on

For those who enjoy a light soldering project and are as cheap as me, I recently converted two pair of cheap headsets (Avcomms) to electronic noise cancelling with the kit that is advertised in most major flight mags. About $180 per pair, with gel earseals. 9 Volt Battery and/or cig lighter powered. I have been extremely pleased with the results…good or better than several noise cancelling units I’ve tried (Dave Clarkes and others), though I’ve never compared them to Bose. Anyway, it’s a great way to get noise cancelling for the rarely-used backseat without spending mega-bucks.

Gordon: I just picked up 34CD yesterday evening. I changed over from the old battery Bose unit to the new panel powered version. The Bose people at Oshkosh were initially a little reluctant to allow me to change from battery to panel power at the same time I changed to the improved volume control unit but they relented!

Cirrus provided the install kits and I had them put in over at Howard Aviation at POC. The difference in the console is amazing. All of the old clutter from the Bose battery boxes and the M&M Bose power adaptors is gone. Now I am looking at putting in the plexiglass shelf and getting a digital recorder and satellite radio all in the console.

The new Bose microphones seem a little stiffer and seem to stay in place better. This is good, since I also got a mike light at Oshkosh with green and white LEDs that I need to put on the new Bose mike.

I am waiting for the new panel powered Lightspeed headsets for the back seat positions. Cirrus is going to start selling a SR22 model Lightspeed which is essentially a 30 3G Lightspeed with a Lemo connector and a SR22 logo on the side. It was promised “in a couple of months” by both Lightspeed and Cirrus. Maybe we will see them about the same time the Wx is available on the Avidyne!

There is nothing on there site but in the Mag there is a No to call. I will calll them in the morning if I have the time. Don

Try this URL:

I believe you want the “Straight Cable”.