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Hoping somebody can help me.

I’m just starting my PPL and looking for some advice. Ultimately I want to purchase a SR22 to fly in the UK and around Europe. Multiple reasons for wanting the SR22 such as quality, safely, speed, equipment, range etc etc.

I’ve been told by a pilot friend of mine that I will be best learning in the type of aircraft that I will ultimately be flying - that makes a lot of sense to me. However I haven’t found a flying school that has either a SR20 or SR22, and there must be a reason for that….

I am based close to Andrewsfield and Earle’s Colne.

Is it a good idea/advantageous to learn in an aircraft that would ultimately be flown once a licence is gained? And if so does anyone know any flight schools in the South East that can do it?

Thanks in advance

Hello Dean, and welcome to COPA!

Yes there are advantages to training in the aircraft make and model you will fly after earning your license, however it is not indispensable.

Cirrus SR20’s and SR22’s are ubiquitous in the training market in the USA, any scarcity of these in other markets is not due to the aircraft’s performance as a trainer which is excellent, heck Cirrus even sells an SR20 specifically for primary flight training.

I would start by reaching out to Cirrus:

Thank you Hans.


I’m in the process of buying a SR22T, which I want on a G plate as I need to keep it on the CAA register for various reasons. I’m also British although I don’t live there.

I’m buying it though Cirrus UK who are also helping me with training. I’ve got 150 hours but lost my medical, a few years ago but can now get it back, so not quite a complete novice but need some training to get current before my renewal flight test.

I’ve found them very helpful and cooperative.

Thier contact details

+44 7498 218427



I have just sent you a PM

I am a U.S. CPL and SR22T owner. If anyone knows of a club or school as close as possible to London where I could rent an SR20/SR22 during my visits, I would appreciate a recommendation,


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If you Google Cirrus rental London you will find several possibilities.

Dean, I can recommend Echelon Air at Biggin, if that’s not too far…

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It depends. Some ultimately fly a jet, and still they don’t learn to fly in one.

A first ever lesson in an SR22T vs. a C150 is a huge difference in my opinion. For some it will work, for others it will be frustrating.

An SR20 seems to me like a good compromise between old, worn out „junky“ spamcans vs. new glass cockpit leather seat gizmo filled modern planes.

Some airlines use Cirrus for training pretty early on but that’s under a rigid, full time training structure.

Cirrus are the top of the line of personal piston touring planes. Flight school planes for basic training (learning to fly, and especially to land) tend to be cheaper, simpler, slower and more forgiving types.

I’m not saying it has to necessarily be that way, but that’s what it is (in Europe even more so).

As a first step I’d go to the nearest ATO and do an introductory lesson. Ignore the old plane, focus on the flying. See how you like it.

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Thanks for everyone’s replies - it’s been very helpful.

I’d also recommend you talk with Charlie Kimble who is a 12000 hour ex-airline pilot and Cirrus CSIP who trains on Cirrus near London. He helped me buy my SR20 and with training.

HI Dean, learning in a Cirrus to get your ppl will be a very expensive route. I first got my ppl then when i decided on my Cirrus i engaged an experienced Cirrus Pilot/Owner who over a relatively short period of time brought me up to speed with the aircraft that i by then had purchased.

You have to get your ppl, then get certified for high performance, well thats the case on a N license … Not sure about UK CAA rules.

Good luck .


By way of an update for any aspiring Cirrus Pilot, I ended up going down the route of gaining my PPL in a Robin HR200 after some great advice on here, and have now bought a SR22 to continue my training in.

The Robin is a great handling, low wing, benign and easy to fly aircraft. It’s taught me the basics of flying ready for me to embark (excuse the pun) on my next learning journey.

Everyone is of course different, but for me, after my first few days in a Cirrus, I’m glad I did it this way.

Try John Page.He has more hours on Cirrus than anyone else in Europe and is type approved on the Vision jet.He will get you into the depth of flying a high performance single in the airspace around Stanstead and Southend.His mobile is 07885 202209.