Dear Friend…

As you may or may not know, music has always been a favorite interest of mine. Five years ago, Helen and I attended Grammys 49 and had a blast! Unfortunately, it only whetted my appetite, so when I was shuffling paper at my desk one day last spring and received an invitation to bid on a charity auction to volunteer to work on Grammy’s 54, I couldn’t restrain myself. And I “won”!

So, this Friday I am firing up N626SR and heading west – an eleven hour flight to LA where I will live for the following 10 days and work for the executive producer of the Grammys, complete with a back stage pass for the show.

This past weekend, spent with friends, the subject of my upcoming Grammys experience came up and they said they wanted frequent reports. I said, “ok, I’ll email ya’ll” and one of my pals suggested “why dont you tweet your experience” – An idea was born!

So, beginning sometime Friday morning, I will chronicle the experience complete with the beautiful flight out of Atlanta through the Delta, over the Great Plains, over the Rockies, the Grand Canyon and into the Los Angeles Valley…if I sound stoked, well, yeah, I am!

Follow me on Twitter and I ll share the experience with you!

I will also try to post some updates here as well…



John Gordon



I will give you the opportunity to bid on the chance to volunteer to work to clean my plane, if you are into paying to work. [;)]

Seriously, sounds like a really cool opportunity and I hope you have lots of fun!


John–great stuff!!! I worked with Michael Jackson for a year during the Victory Tour and Lionel Richie for 6 months. ( I was VP at Pepsi working for the CEO). We hit the Grammys a number of years during those times and it was always an eye opener for my mid-west values ;-)—but still a lot of fun and exciting things!!! Made many memories!![:D][H]

Sounds like a blast John. I don’t do Twitter or Facebook, so at some point, if you’d put up some pictures and description here on COPA, that would be great.

Now, you all know that John and I could host an entire “Point-Counterpoint” show on IFR vs. VFR flying. By now we both know and respect each other’s view and know we won’t change the other’s mind. BUT . . . I’ve gotta taunt you one more time John. C’mon, land at Grand Canyon airport, pick up the special VFR chart, walk up to the commercial tour pilot’s lobby and chat them up to learn the cool routes and sights. They tend to be very generous with their time and info.

Then, take the plunge! Conduct a real VFR sightseeing flight! Be a hooligan for once! You’ll be below ARTCC radar coverage (shiver), and flying while looking out the window, turning when and where you like. Be careful though, one little VFR flight could lead to another . . .[:)]


You are too funny…I do want to fly the Grand Canyon and will do so…I am now flying to New Orleans on Friday to watch a buddy of mine play friday pm…so, my route to LA will more than likely end up being the southern route over Phoenix…so, if not this time, I will follow for suggestion another time…VFR!?! shivers…hahA

It is a quick VFR trip up the coast to Santa Barbara. If you survive it I will buy you lunch! [H]

A kindred (curmudgeonly?) spirit. My tech-savvy son just rolls his eyes.

Similarly, I often wonder if I’m the only US citizen who has never watched even a single minute of any “Survivor” show…I guess I generally feel that “Pop Culture” is the ultimate oxymoron.

And here I was expecting a delightful vignette about taking your grandmother for her first Cirrus flight…IFR of course.

Can you get me a date with Lady Gaga?

For you Dennis…no problem!

That is a kind offer…thanks, I ll keep it in mind.

Where did you decide to go for your first route?