Must-See TV! (Video here) - Also posted on Members Forum

We’ve seen a number of excellent amateur videos here, lovingly created by COPA members and then shared on these forums. Have you ever wondered what a pro would do? Joshua Chaiton is a COPA member and avid flyer - and professional Television Producer. He recently focused his amazing talent on our beloved bird, in a piece that aired on California’s KCAL 9’s “9 on the Town” a few days ago. It’s a terrific, upbeat view of G.A which just happens to be dominated by N5251Z, a beautiful SR22 G2, piloted by Cirrus Design’s Chris Eichman.

You can view the video here."]here?)

The press release that went to various media is attached"]video, which can be found here! [;)]

Congratulations and thanks to Josh - this is the stuff that G.A. in general needs, and what a boost for Cirrus! (Won’t hurt COPA a bit, either).

Thanks for the forward and thanks to Chris for producing it.
Don Kusenberger
N41XP SR22

Great job but you need to teach that girl there is 2 shoulder straps :)…Ed

For those who don’t have the luxury of broadband, and for those who do but just need a little extra incentive to download the video, I offer these glimpses…

  • Mike.

Thank you for posting the video Mike, and thanks to everyone for their positive comments. I really enjoyed producing this project and hope to develop more TV projects that will portray GA in a positive light and of course prominently feature our favorite airplane!