AOPA Sweepstakes Plane for 2009: SR22 G2

Hello COPA,

My name is Dave Hirschman, and I’m a senior editor for AOPA Pilot magazine and manager of the 2009 AOPA Sweepstakes airplane, a 2005 SR22 G2.

Last week fellow AOPA staff member J.J. Greenway and I got CSIP certifications in preparation for giving flight demos in the airplane during the upcoming flying season. I enjoyed the rigorous SR22 CSIP checkout and look forward to showing people the unique features and vast capabilities of this extraordinary aircraft. I’ll also be relying on COPA members for advice and guidance during the next 11 months as we do our utmost to highlight both the excitement and utility of general aviation.

I’ve been lurking on COPA for some time now and enjoy the lively exchanges and great resources. I look forward to checking in regularly and participating actively throughout the year.


Dave Hirschman

Welcome, Dave. Lurking, eh? Probably some fun reading.

How will you guys schedule your tour stops? And who will you invite to participate? Do you have an exhibit to place with the plane?


Hey Dave - Welcome!

Any interest in cross posting your AOPA Blog? We can set that up.


Welcome Dave!

I hope that in describing this distinctive aircraft you touch upon its vibrant ecosystem, in no small part exemplified by COPA and COPAns.


Let me know if you want to get a look at a turbo SR22.


I’m glad you brought this up.

I enjoyed reading about COPA member Lloyd Huck donating that aircraft to AOPA for the 2009 sweepstakes. The article in the February edition of AOPA Pilot was very good.

I met Lloyd Huck at a CPPP in Morristown NJ a few years ago. He has an amazing story. I think he told me he was 85 years old, and he was still attending CPPP programs!

I encourage everyone to read the AOPA article in the February edition about an amazing guy and fellow COPA member.

It sounds like he’s hung up his spurs and saddle, but what a flying career he has had!

How about some photos of the new paint and trim design. I understand Air Graphics has replaced the original graphics with something befitting the new AOPA sweepstakes plane. And welcome to COPA!


We’re putting together the schedule now. If you’ve got an idea for an event you believe would help the cause, please let us know!


Also, AirGraphics did a great job giving the Sweepstakes airplane a new exterior look. We’ve got to keep in under wraps for a few weeks – but it’s quite distinctive to say the least . . .

No special ideas, but keep in mind that the COPA crowd loves to socialize! As I suspect do many AOPA members who also love to fly.

So, please let COPA folks know the opportunities for ad hoc fly-ins at your events.

One thought would be to clearly identify the messages you intend to convey to attendees at these events. Things like the various uses of general aviation, especially the kinds of personal and business travel uses made by Cirrus pilots in the area. Think of ways to highlight where did local pilots fly to in the past month, to visit family, see a child play in a sporting event, close a business deal, respond to a customer complaint, or expand a business territory. A map with colored post-it notes might work. (With the Cirrus crowd, it might need to have a 500-1000 mile radius! [;)]) Angel Flight and several other volunter flying organizations are supported by many COPA members, so that’s another opportunity.


In the early days of COPA there were not many planes in the field but there were a lot of us “contract holders” who were enthusiastic about the plane and the company. Many of us made a point to turn out wherever a Cirrus salesman would have the rare demo plane to socialize with each other and be available to chat up customer prospects. I have to think this helped sales. In the same spirit, I’m sure many of us would be delighted to show up at the AOPA events to help spread the Good Word about General Aviation and also about Cirrus airplanes. Keep us in the loop.

Gee, I’ve heard about this little get together called, uh, what was it? Oh yeah, Migration!! [;)] All y’all come on up to Duluth this June 25-28 and see the spirit of COPA in full bloom! (and, pssst, you might see if your boss, Mr. Fuller, just might want to come along![:D]

Very best regards,