Message to James Clary

This message is for James Clary – sorry to make everyone else read it here, too!

James, I’ve received multiple emails from you in the last month or so saying simply that you cannot access the members section of the site – I have replied to each one asking for some more specific information, but it appears that you may not be getting my emails.

So I thought I would post here instead – if you are able to get this message, please let me know the following information:

  • what username and password are you trying to use? Obviously I won’t put the correct username and password here in this post! :slight_smile:
  • what section of the site are you trying to access? The members forums? Or the members areas like ADs/SBs, etc.?
  • what specific error message are you seeing when you are not able to get in?

Please send me another email with this information and I’d be happy to help – and please let me know a correct email address I can reach you at.

If email doesn’t work, post here and I’ll give you a call sometime next week.

Steve Lin