Membership Cancellation?

Can’t find way back. No answer to emails…


I am happy to help, what email did you send a question to? is being monitored for website help.


I sent an email to you directly to your email on file.
Your credit card was not updated prior to your subscription renewal date.
You should have received approx 6 emails over 2-3 week period from:

For others to avoid this

Please update the credit card on file in your By clicking “Manage Subscriptions” in your Passport settings:

I sent it to an email embedded address which alerted me to the cancelled membership and I got a note back from “COPA MIGRATION”.
Found that suspicious amd then replied again…nordo.

Carol Jensen
Lima Romeo Aviation


Cirrus Platinum Partner


KGTU (Georgetown TX) and 46U (Alpine WY)

Thanks…all fixed.
Super busy end of April with mailboxes overflowing. Just didnt get to it.

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