looking for access to an SR22 in the Las Vegas area

I’ve got a TBM 850 that I’m putting up for lease starting in a couple weeks. I used to own a Cirrus SR22 (N6053U) and I’d like to have access to one to use every few months…if anyone is in the Las Vegas area and wouldn’t mind leasing out their plane for a few hours every now and then, please let me know. I also have a Super Decathlon in my hangar that we could work out some type of trade if interested.



Brad you should post this on market place. I have a turbo 22 but I am not in Vegas this winter. Don

Brad, feel free to contact me, my name is David Dunn and I have a Cirrus SR22 G2 Avidyne (realease 7) at North Las Vegas. My cell phone is 714-420-8450 or my office is 702-947-5160 email ddunn@kingsbridgewm.com

Hey Don! How the heck are ya? Long time no talk! Hope you’re doing well.

David - I’ll give you a call.