Cirrus Instruction available in MN!!

Hey Group,

I just moved to the minneapolis area a few weeks ago and am looking to do some instructing in the area. I'm a gold seal cfi,cfii,mei and was a check airman for a major flight school in FL. I have taught a few students in the Sr20 and am looking forward to teaching in it again. if you have any questions or interest let me know!!! I can be reached at 386-235-4413 or [email][/email]


How far are you from DLH? Can you post rates for training in customer’s aircraft?

I’m located in the twin cities area. It’s about 120nm sw of dlh. As far as pricing goes it would depend on the type of rating you are working on. I’m not trying to make alot of money. I just enjoy instructing in the cirrus and know there is a high demand for it…

You might want to change your log in name, though…