Links to the Categories instead of the Topic

I have a suggestion.

When working on an iPad or iPhone and using your fingers to click on a particular topic, invariably I click on the category link under the title of the link instead of the link to the topic. This sends me to that category’s page instead of where I want to go. Then, when I click back, I end up at the very beginning of the previous page, instead of where I was on the page. If the topic I was targeting was number 169 on the list, I need to rescroll down to find it. It is very annoying!!

Proposed Fix: DISABLE category link from the topic list. If I want to go to another category I can always use the selector button next to Latest at the top of the page. If I click on a topic it is because I WANT to go to the topic, not the category.


Hello Ray-

COPA uses Discourse as our forum software, it is a very robust and well supported platform, however, it is not infinitely customizable, this is not an option that is currently available to us.

I have had this happen a few times, so I do understand your frustration, when this happens it may be more convenient for you to find the topic you wish to view from the now open category view as opposed to hitting back and looking for it on your home view once again.

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