Cannot reach the bottom on some forum pages

I’ve bookmarked the Latest page for myself for when I come to visit the forums. I wanted to click one of the links at the bottom of that page, and I can’t do it! Each time I scroll to the bottom, it adds more topics, and the bottom of the page moves farther away.

Topics that are in bold are ones you haven’t read. Does that help accomplish what you want?

No, I guess I wasn’t clear. I was trying to get to the links at the bottom of the page. e.g., COPA, Articles, Events, Privacy Policy, etc.

Each time I get that part of the page into view, more topics get inserted, and the page “footer” disappears again. I know I can get to it on other pages, but it was annoying in this instance.

You won’t be able to do so on the “Latest” page, the list will continue to populate in a date descending order until the oldest post on the forum is reached.

This is normal behavior for the forum software.

Yup, understood. But while it’s “normal” for the forum software, it’s broken user interface design. I know this is most likely an issue that would have to be handled at the Discourse level, but I think there are certainly solutions that wouldn’t produce behavior that is confusing and frustrating to folks who are not software engineers.

We will have to look into disabling the footer used on the infinite scroll pages like “latest”

We are going to be revamping the menu/header to include those links. We disabled them as they were not noble responsive and compatible with dark mode which we included as a last minute addition.


And on the topic pages too, for the reasons discussed previously, I would suggest.

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