July Fly-in SBP

Here we go! The sun is out and weather is nice. The west coast fly-in season is about to start. SBP on july 13. So start the feed back and lets pick a date…Ed

Boy that is planning ahead…count me in

Walt can’t make that date.

So lets change that to the july 6th fly-in at pao. It will feature a BBQ by Ed and Daves famous BBQ. The fly-in will also have the Cirrus BFT unit on display. So there you have itJuly 6th at PAO. I will try to arrange for a early VIP viewing of the Cirrus BFT unit for the R.S.V.P.s…ED

Ed,OK, I’m clueless — what’s the “BFT unit?” Is it related to the "BFD unit?"Cheers,Roger

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what’s the “BFT unit?”

My guess is “Big F***ing Trailer”

" Big @#%&@*& Truck" !