International Category redux


Sorry, I missed your reply and the the earlier thread is now locked so I can’t respond there.

I am sure there were a lot more than 30 total posts just in the the Australian category. Of course I can’t see it any more, but my recollection was there were many more than that going back years. The individual country sections gave us non US flyers the opportunity to talk about local issues. Whilst admittedly there was not a huge traffic flow I found the sections valuable as non mainstream (USA focussed) issues with lower volume get lost in the general forums.

My vote would be in re-instate individual country/region forums. Europe, Australia, Brazil at least. Any one with me??? Viva la revolution!!! :fist:t3:



Yes, I agree.

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@aoffen I had the data and it was really that low, most of the stuff was intermingled in other categories already. But I’ll chat with the rest of the folks about this and see what I can do!

Yes I agree too

Hard to follow up the Australian threads.



Also agree

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