INDY-area airport question. (Not about chutes!!!)

I am making a trip to Indianapolis next week. It’s for a meeting in a downtown hotel. Anyone have experience with the metro airports? Is the main one, KIND, a plausible GA site? Or is there a preferred alternative – a counterpart to Boeing Field versus Sea-Tac, or Centennial versus Denver Intl? Thanks

Hi Jim,

I live here in Indy and will be basing my SR22 out of Mt. Comfort(MQJ). It is one of four reliever airports for IND, and the only one with two runways. The others are UMP, EYE, HFY. All are within 15-20 minutes of downtown, and all have close interstate access. MQJ remodeled the FBO recently and the people there are very friendly, so, along with the crosswind runways and an ILS, they get my vote, hands down.

Just so you know, there are no Cirrus service centers in the Indy area. The closest, I believe, is Evansville, IN or Chicago area.

Let me know if I can be of any more help.