Importing a Used Plane

So I have found a used G2 in Canada, does anyone here know what the procedure is for importing to the states? What import tax will there be, ect…?

I’ve done it twice and it is relatively easy. No import taxes. You have to do a new airworthiness certificate and inspection (basically an annual inspection). Most brokers and/or maintenance shops can do this for you. I would also recommend a title insurance company to help you through it. There are several located in Oklahoma City who do this daily. Good luck.

Great, Thanks!

What is the process for “N” number. I am under the impression that it must be on the plane before it hits US soil? The second question is what about ADSB. That too must be in place? Lastly how did you handle title and escrow in Canada?

What part of Canada are you exporting from?
I can refer you to a few different people in Canada that can help you through the whole process.
I highly recommend calling Harry at Caddis Aviation (
He has done many import/exports and can ensure a smooth process.
Good luck

Actually I’m looking at a plane in Germany. Getting everything done prior to entering the US seems like a challenge.

You also need a Customs Import Bond.

Can someone kindly explain the “Customers Import Bond” and the cost for that?

Cost is based on aircraft value. These guys can give you all the details.

In June of this year I sold my G2 and purchased a 1979 P210 from Canada. The process is not hard, but it is involved. HIGHLY recommend Insured Aircraft Title Services (ask for Megan). They have forgotten more about the process than I care to know.

You’ll want to be sure that no “Canadian STC’s” were done (probably unlikely in Cirrus, but definitely a possibility in an older Cessna). They are verboten in the US. Must be completely removed before import.

You’ll need to deregister it in Canada and then register it in US. Megan can help. If you’re financing, it will take cooperation between buyer and seller (and bank). There is a period of time where the aircraft is in “registration limbo” - and some sellers freak out about that (because if, for example, you were to bale out after they notify Transport Canada of the dereg, they’ll have to jump through a bunch of hoops and spend money to re-register it. You’ll need a relationship with the seller to get this done.)

You’ll also need a DAR (or the FSDO) to sign off on a new CoA - which in all likelihood means and complete annual inspection.

Canadians use “Journey Logs” and you’ll want to make sure that you can tick-and-tie the whole history of the aircraft together (because you’re going to have to tell the story if/when you ever go to sell). Again, probably not a big deal on a newer Cirrus. For me, it took hours and hours of work to pull it all together. The confusion of multiple US owners, engine replacements, STC’s, etc., etc., etc.)

Reserving and N-number is easy and can be done for $10 on the FAA website. Google “reserve an N-number”.

Not sure what your plan is for pre-buy, but know that if you insist on an American inspection (as I did) you must get a Canadian pilot to ferry it down (and back if you reject it). Work out who pays for what and all the “what if’s” ahead of time. Trust me.

PM me if you want to chat about it.

I contacted a DAR in southern California and he quoted me $5K to process the new Airworthiness Certificate. That seems excessive to me. Any info on expected Fee for DAR’s service?

Yikes! Mine was $1200. And there was a non-trivial number of STC’s, logbook confusion and other things to deal with. I’d shop around.

Not sure where you’re located Mike, but I’m happy to put you in touch with my shop in NorCal. They managed the whole transaction for me - including DAR part (they have a great relationship with the local FSDO as well). They could assist with pre-buy, etc. Let me know if you want to jump on a call at some point and discuss.

FWIW, I talk about my P210 Canadian import project as “some great and expensive wisdom that I’ll probably never use again”. But if it can help you, happy to share.

Also, I know a great Canadian ferry pilot if you need one.

Hi Don, Yes, I would like to get more detail and chat. For some reason I can’t PM you. Can you PM me first?