Importing a Used Plane

So I have found a used G2 in Canada, does anyone here know what the procedure is for importing to the states? What import tax will there be, ect…?

I’ve done it twice and it is relatively easy. No import taxes. You have to do a new airworthiness certificate and inspection (basically an annual inspection). Most brokers and/or maintenance shops can do this for you. I would also recommend a title insurance company to help you through it. There are several located in Oklahoma City who do this daily. Good luck.

Great, Thanks!

What is the process for “N” number. I am under the impression that it must be on the plane before it hits US soil? The second question is what about ADSB. That too must be in place? Lastly how did you handle title and escrow in Canada?

What part of Canada are you exporting from?
I can refer you to a few different people in Canada that can help you through the whole process.
I highly recommend calling Harry at Caddis Aviation (
He has done many import/exports and can ensure a smooth process.
Good luck

Actually I’m looking at a plane in Germany. Getting everything done prior to entering the US seems like a challenge.

You also need a Customs Import Bond.