Icebird #1

My wife and I picked up our SR22 today at Duluth and had a chance to try out the TKS. Very impressive wing coverage and good misting on the windshield. Found a little ice on the approach (none reported by prior aircraft, Art) desending through a 3000’ cloud layer but couldn’t see any build up until we looked after landing. Only visible ice was on the outer edges of the wings and surface temps of 38F probably took some away. Guess we will keep the bird and sell our SR20.

You mean you flew thru a cloud… when it was between +2 and -20 degrees Celsius…and they didn’t fine you on the spot and sentence you to write
I will not fly in the clouds when it’s cold
I will not fly in the clouds when it’s cold
I will not fly in the clouds when it’s cold

200 times on the FAA blackboard.

Seriously, thanks for the great report. Seen any sign of N224BT hiding around there. Won’t be delivered to Washington State till next week and can’t wait.


How did the empty weight turn out with the TKS?

Enjoy your new plane!


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My wife and I picked up our SR22 today at Duluth and had a chance to try out the TKS.

Was there any mention of performance (speed) differences for the TKS SR22?


I’m currently in the process of accepting an ice-equipped SR-22 with its owner. His plane weighs in a 2323 lbs. empty. It has all the other goodies (TCAD, Stormscope, Engine Monitoring, etc.). Cirrus claims a 20 lbs. weight increase for adding TKS (minus fliud) and that number seems accurate based on the weights I normally see for non-ice planes. Kudos to Cirrus for getting this STCed and on production aircraft so quickly. [:)]

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Delivered weight was 2322 lb. B model including engine monitoring and skywatch but does not include the Reif engine heat and air-oil separator installed yesterday at the service center. Sorry for the delayed response.

Someone mentioned maybe 3k but we didn’t delay our departure to do a lot of testing as the forecast for the Dakotas as deteriorating.

Hello Matt.

Have you some information empty weigh / usefull load of new SR20 2.0,1,2 and or about last “C” SR20 version produced by Cirrus?
I think last “A,B,C” SR20 should be less hevyer than the previosly. Dio you know?


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His plane weighs in a 2323 lbs. empty.

So what does an SR22 weigh these days?

I have #44, B model with Stormscope and it weighed in at 2265. I added (Arnav) EngineMonitoring and it came up to 2267. At the time I was picking up my plane there were some going out at 2250. 2323 seems a bit porky.



I don’t believe I have actually accepted/delivered an SR-20 “Version 2.0” yet. The last SR-20 I did delivery was a “C” model with all the goodies. It weighed 2127 lbs. That would give it a useful load of 873 lbs. and a full-fuel payload of 537 lbs. Of course, leaving off some goodies will decrease the empty weight and increase the payload. But, even with all the goodies, it still has a comparable or better useful load than most comparable-horsepower, single-engine, 4-seaters.
Hope that is the info you were seeking.

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Matt, thank.
I know about no SR20 2.x are been consigned until now but,
any rumors about the usefull load it will has?


Don’t know for sure. However, my guess would be that it might actually get lighter, since it is losing the vacuum pump and the aux. vacuum pump in favor of an all-electric system.

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My 22, B-model, delivered September, with Stormscope, engine monitoring, skywatch is 2295 lbs.

I think Tim’s empty weight of 2295 is pretty typical of a fully equipped (minus TKS) SR-22. In my experience the newer 22’s meeting that description are typically 2290 to 2305 lbs empty. That would give them an average useful load of 1100 and a full-fuel payload of 614. That’s still pretty good, in my opinion. It seems that all production aircraft gain weight with higher serial numbers. However, they also get better in terms of small refinements…in the Cirrus’ case: better cup holders, latest/greatest MFD, Engine/Fuel Monitoring system, bigger/thicker sun visors, gripable interior lighting knobs, interior trim panels, etc.

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Did you notice any difference in cruise speed with the TKS wing?

The SR22s have had some vibration concerns. Anything of note on your SR22?

The only comparison on performance (none really) we have would be with our SR20. The only TKS negative I have learned so far is the need to rinse the affected metal surfaces with water after using to prevent corrosion. I’m not sure how serious that issue is on the Cirrus. Very little vibration on ours.

#370 With TKS and all the fixins’ except for Stormscope and Traffic, 2312 lbs.


Full Pirep on the TKS soon but lets just say it works extremely well. Pilot on the other hand is stretching his limited gray matter to around the Sandel and Avidyne. Day one of training down and while the flying is relatively easy the cockpit seems twice as complex as my SR20. Suffering from information overload and man do I have an Excedrin headache.