How to fix a paint

Has anyone had any good results fixing scrathes. I have one from the A.I. puting lower cowiling on. I was helping him so it is also my doing. Rite up the front whell strut. It is really tight puting on the lower cowling with the new design lite and having a 3 blade prop. I was considering trying to fix this. Also I have a couple from the tow bar on front fairing. I am considering trying to get some of the decorative vinal material and cut a design and put it on there. I realy do not think it can be painted very well. I am more than likey the only one that will notice. People that see my SR20 are to in awe. To really look at the front whell. Thanks for any help like from Don.

I don’t have suggestion on paint. However, to prevent scratches from the cowling, my shop puts masking tape down the nose wheel fairing and around the aft edge of the spinner.


For the paint, I went to a hobby shop and bought some Testors Gloss White - a nearly perfect match! It comes in a little bottle that you then apply with a small brush, or they have a “magic marker” type thing that is self-contained and very easy to apply.

For the front wheelpant, I took mine off and took it to an automobile specialty shop and had them cover it with a clear vinyl-like product called “ClearBra”. I know some of you won’t be able to resist, but maybe you should start the sophomoric humor on another thread :slight_smile: It’s only been a couple of months, but so far not a single scratch or nick in the wheelpant.