How does one see only \"unread\" messages?

When I login I see that there are x number of new messages, however, I have no idea which messages those are. Is there any way to view only unread messages?



Hi Derek,

I’m not sure how to see “only” unread messages, but those which are new should appear with green icons next to them, whereas old ones will have yellow icons; that’s how you can tell which are new and which are old.


Derek: This won’t answer your question 100%, but it may help.

If you notice above where it says “Subject” near the top left of the forum, it says something like, “Show Threads” then has a drop down box. You can set the drop down box for the last 24 or 48 hours.

Hope this helps.


Thanks all. The Green Icons were the ticket. That will help. It would be helpful though as the forum gets bigger to see only unread messages (a la AOPA’s) and mark all messages read. This may exist, but I didn’t see those options. However, this is not a flame at all. The COPA guys have done a great job and obviously put in a lot of work.