How do they handle windy days?

I am pondering a SR20, however, after flying a Grumman Cheetah for many years, I no longer wish to bounce around, even on lighter wind days. The Grumman was very sensitive to wind, while my experiences flying the Socata and Piper 235 were just the opposite. How do you rate the Cirrus for handling turbulance?

Compared to a 172, the SR20 has a high wing loading. This means you don’t bounce as much. While you will still get altitude excursions you don’t get the teeth jarring sharp bumps. Even landing in cross and gusty winds is not the adrenaline sport it is in a 172. I come in faster than normal and need about 3000 feet but I don’t worry about the landing.

I did my instrument rating in a Grumman Tiger - the SR20 is much more stable in turbulence.

And I thought a 172 was docile compared to my grumman. Wow, sounds like a smooth ride, if it is less bumpy than a 172. Thanks.

I purchased a 1976 Cheetah 11/99 and got my Cirrus SR20 2/02. The Cheetah has a higher wing loading then a Cessna which should yield a smoother ride then the Cessna.

In my opinion the Cirrus is smoother than the Cheetah. The Cheetah would get some “fish tailing” in the bumps and I don’t notice any of that in the Cirrus. So while I think the Cirrus is smoother, I don’t think the Cheetah was bad.