How do I value a SR-20?

Hi Guys,

New to the website having been a floating member for several months…

I’m currently in the (fantastic!) position of considering a share in an SR-20 based in the North of the UK.

The share is 1 of 8. However, I find myself questioning how the current owner of the share assertains its value. Naturally he wants to get the most for his share however does anyone know how I can be sure Im getting the share at a reasonalbe rate?

The aircraft is an N-reg SR20 G2-GTS which was originally based in the US from new since 2007 but is now in the UK with a couple of shares going.

Im beginning to think that there is no hard and fast method of estimating its value - just try to compare to other aircraft avialable?

On another matter, am I correct in assuming the running costs of an SR22 v SR20 would be dramatically higher?
In my head I’ve ruled out a SR22 completly due to bigger engine means bigger fuel costs and running costs?
I’ve studied some of the trip reports over on cirrisreports and see that the SR22 produces on average 14gph v SR20 @ 9gph
I’m sick of flying/hireing 30 year old PA28s, however with a share capital investment in a Cirrus I can afford the similar (to a PA28) wet costs associated with a group Cirrus SR20.

Thanks for any help!



I would look at it this way

The basic cost of an SR 20 or 22 come to that are whatever someone is willing to pay. To get a feel for what is on the market, look at and but bear in mind that many of the planes there have been on the market for a long time so the asking price is not necessarily a reflection of what they really sell for.

On the running costs of a SR22 vs SR20, I fly a 2005 SR22 G2. Fuel consumption is about 12 gph at 12000 ft, more lower, less higher.

If you take your 9 gph figure for an SR20 the difference is 11.4 liters per hour or about £22.

I can’t tell you the difference in service costs but you can get that easily by calling Stuart Vincent at RGV Aviation in Gloucestershire.

Similarly with insurance, a call to any broker such as Hayward Aviation will get that for you.

Personally, my preference is for the 22 for it’s performance, especially in the climb but the 20 is also a great plane and, IMHO, a big step up from a PA28.

If you would like to talk further about this, please just let me know.

Best of luck with your purchase!