Cirrus Computer-Based Training

There are at least four separate computer-based training packages for the Cirrus SR20. Does anyone know how they differ from one another?

  1. Aerosim Avionics System Trainer

  2. Cirrus Aircraft Training Software (CATS)

  3. Cirrus Training Portal

  4. Cirrus VirtualPOH (


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Let me revise my earlier question, if I may:

  1. If you’ve used the Aerosim Avionics System Trainer or the Cirrus Aircraft Training Software, did you find them helpful? I ask, because I can’t find an online demo of either of them, not even any screenshots of what they look like while being used.

  2. What’s available at the Cirrus Training Portal?




If you are looking for an avionics trainer then the Avidyne/430 system that I think is best right now is Flythissim 2.0. Check it out here: It uses x-plane right now.

Flythissim is developed by some of our COPA members.

If you want instruction on systems and POH then; CATs is best, but dated.

Thanks for this tip, John. The Flythissim price is certainly right. And I do not doubt that Flythissim is an excellent avionics trainer. In fact, it appears to be designed to be good enough for flight schools that have multi-computer, or at least multi-monitor, setups. I have two monitors on my Windows 7 Intel i7 notebook computer – one is the computer’s own monitor, and the second is a separate monitor attached to the computer’s VGA-out port. My computer will run X-Plane and both monitors just fine. But it looks to me as though Flythissim requires a more complicated setup involving routers and such. I was hoping I’d be able to run Flythissim and X-Plane on just one computer, and simply move the Flythissim siplay window to one monitor while leaving X-Plane’s display window on the other; but that doesn’t seem possible.

Are you at all familiar with the Aerosim Avionics System Trainer? It’s more expensive than Flythissim (by far), but it comes as one part of the Deluxe Avidyne Pilot Kit (along with CATS and some other things) sold by CirrusConnection. And the Aerosim trainer appears to run on a notebook computer.

Aerosim is very buggy and to my knowledge has not been updated in over 2 years. I would not run or buy it.

You can run Flythisim on one computer. you don’t need routers or such. I run it on one laptop. If you have two monitors; then you can do some neat things like have the instruments on one and scenary on another or you can have the instructors panel up on one and the scenary/instruments on the other.

They have a video and a guide that shows you how to do it.

Can you train for R9 on Flythisim? Or is there any computer based training device for R9?

Several years ago I contacted Aerosim on behalf of CPPP to request permission to use video output from their sim (with full attribution) to upgrade our avionics modules in the CPPP. The result would have been exposing thousands of Cirrus pilots to the use of Aerosim in their recurrent training. The answer I got back was that they could not approve it because it would cost too much in legal bills for them to revise their agreements to grant us permission. It left the unfavorable impression of a very bureaucratic organization lacking entrepreneurial initiative. I am not surprised if the product has stagnated.

Thanks for this advice. I’m going to give Flythissim a try.

Carl and Eric are working on making the product work with MS Flight Simulator. I have asked them to consider adding the DFC 90 to their panel. Don’t know if they have any plans to do an R9 version.

The only R9 simulator I know of is the one that Avidyne provides. It does not provide the whole panel though.

  1. I have used Flythissim with the Avidyne package and it is excellent…very realistic and avionics are very close to reality. Great for practicing instrument approaches or just to learn how to “push all the buttons”… Eric at Flythisim is also extremely helpful.

  2. I have also used MS Flight SimX with the Cirrus add-on by and it is also very good. Has limited MFD in terms of moving map etc., but 3D cockpit and a TrackIR (head tracking software) makes you feel like you are really in the plane.



Thanks for you response to my question about computer assisted Cirrus training. Your post arrived while I was traveling, and I’ve just now gotten back to a desk with a computer.

I too have tried the FSX version of the Cirrus, and it looks to me to be good. I have a two-monitor computer set-up, and I confess that getting the instruments on one monitor and the out-the-windshield view on the other is sometimes a frustrating process. But I agree with your positive assessment of it.

I think I’m going to give the Flythissime program a shot as well. Others agree with you that it’s quite good. And if it’ll run on my computer, it should nicely display the instruments on one monitor and the outside view on the other.

Again, thanks.