Help with getting caught up with wwwthreads

Okay, so I come back from a week of flying and I struggle with getting caught up on COPA forum posts. (Pretty entertaining and informative stuff)

But, I admit to being confused and frustrated by wwwthreads way of presenting posts.

What do you do?

Here are some of my difficulties.

The green/yellow icons don’t behave as I expect them. Posts that I have read through the 24-hour-most-recent button still show up with green icons when I view a thread – I thought they would turn yellow.

Also, when I come back a couple of days later, many green icon posts show up even though I read them long ago (probably through the most-recent buttons).

I lose track of which ones I’ve read when viewing the most recent 24, 48 or 7-days lists. My browser does a great job of differentiating posts I’ve read by showing those links in purple not blue. However, if I need to go from the 24 to 48 hour search, then my browser thinks I haven’t read any of those (the URLs are subtly different).

In flat mode, the concept of “next” is pretty consistently time forward. However, the next-in-thread button is both time-forward (most recent last) for responses to responses and time-backward (most recent first) for responses to old threads.

Content worth viewing, just wish I could learn to “trim” the technology a bit better.