Haitian Air Force

First ride for Beloni, 12,

and younger brother Vladimir, 9 tomorrow, whose birth certificate is occasionally misspelled Vladjimmy, leading to no end of confusion.

We skimmed over the terraced farms,

over the hills to the South to Jacmel, then along the coast under the clouds.

They seemed to have a great time right up til they fell asleep on the way back over the mountains.

Beloni woke up on the rollout.

A pretty good day. Wynn liked it, too.

So cool Richard ! There is nothing better than first time in the air passengers! Specially when they are kids!
Great job ! I did not know you were already back in the air. What SR22 is the new plane ?
Safe flying !

Dick, you are so incredibly generous. It was such a nice gesture, giving up both front seats to the kids like that!

Yes- much harder to reach the rudders.

But, as you know, we hardly need them in the Cirrus

Just when I thought I would live my life without a man-crush - geesh, thanks McG! I played football for heavens sake, and landed on an aircraft carrier…wait, locker rooms, navy guys, never mind.

Hey Zoom, if you still lurk, another ellipsis used with devastating effect - boom!

What a great ride for the kids, and so nice of you to take them. Young kids are so appreciative.

Surrre you did all that stuff Clark. I just checked. You’ve posted no bio. AND you’re from Santa Rosa, AND you dwell on the finer points of sophisticated punctuation like ellipses . . .methinks thou doth protest too much. It’s OK. COPA is a big tent.

I know, I know, he had you at “cholera don’t scare me”.


Hey, I made fun of Alex’s tokus when he biffed off the plane, so that makes me way manly. Ah crap, I focused on his tokus. Sorry, Alex, how 'bout those Jets (snicker). And I like Gladiator movies. Ok, this is not funny anymore. What is happening to me! Screw it, I like being an old softie these days, and Dr. McG is clearly of the finest breed of man, and one to be greatly admired, of which I do.

p.s., Full disclosure, all of my flying in the military was as cargo - RC-135’s, EC-130H, C2 COD, HH53, CH46, C-12, C141, C5, C9, and U2 chase car!