Group Discount on Skyradar ADS-B receiver

Anyone interested in purchasing a Skyradar ADS-B receiver at a discount ($831.25 plus $16 shipping) can list their names on the following site:

You do not have to be a member, only registered.

Your purchase is directly with Skyradar on their web site, not with any list members.

I have no connection with either seller or the organization.

They are looking for at least 15 buyers and they currently have about 8 to 10 buyers. This is their second group purchase.

I have one & they work Great! Includes WAAS GPS with it to boot!

Works over its own Wi-Fi signal. Just toss in the back seat & you are set.

I use it with WingX Pro7. But they also have their own software. I happen to like the WingX much better.

The Skyradar ADS-B receiver group purchase has been authorized by Skyradar and the group code is available for everyone to use to receive the discount during the open period.

Anyone interested in purchasing can use the group code directly on the Skyradar web site.

Use the code IFLYGROUP2

Please see the IFLY forum for the effective dates.

Skyradar is very strict on the dates open to the discount and orders must be submitted during the open period to qualify.

Currently the cut off date is midnight on Nov. 11.

Regular price is $950 (plus shipping), the discounted price is $831.25 plus shipping.

This unit works with several software providers and will display on the IPAD, I Phone, and IPOD in the cockpit.