Global Cirrus fleet

I’ve read Cirrus has produced 6000 SR series aircraft as of June 2015. I’m trying to find the data showing how many are in the U.S. and what’s the breakdown by model. (SRV/SR20/SR22) Also looking for breakdown of international fleet also. I contacted Cirrus for help but never heard back.

Will, folks don’t typically just release this data, what are you trying to do with it?

This is nothing out of the ordinary; it’s typical marketing data. I’m doing the research for an STC idea I have and need to know what the potential market is.

IIRC, roughly, there are 3-4 SR22’s for every SR20, essentially no SRV’s, and US vs. ROW is about 70/30.

You have to realize, if a company like Cirrus receives a request like yours, they have to allocate resources to make a determination about what to release. Is it in their interest to give you information? What’s in it for them?

If I were Cirrus, I would not make the effort. I would think it would be up to YOU to first get their attention and then make the case for why they should assist you.


you will need a “test platform”. I would call your local area sales rep, and go for a test drive… But ask him the data as a "good reference " [:)]

Will, the data you seek is public information. Couple of sources: GAMA shipment reports, the FAA registry and an ad hoc international database.

As of 2016Q3, Cirrus produced 6,437 aircraft broken down into 20% SR20, 67% SR22, and 12% SR22T.

For GAMA reports, see

For registrations of Cirrus models, see

Some international data is found here, although dated:


Jim, we’re not talking about state secrets here; this data is at their fingertips. AvWeek tracks this stuff, but I ended up getting the data from the FAA’s database. I was surprised to see how lopsided the totals are. 3963 SR22s vs 831 SR20s. I would have thought there would be a greater parity between the two, but who doesn’t like to go fast? [:D]

Thanks Rick. GAMA was my next stop, but the FAA database had what I needed.



Texas has 411 SR22NA and 90 SR22Turbos. Texas has the most amount of NA drivers (by far) and second most turbo drivers (92 in California). Everything’s bigger in Texas baby.



Of course you are right. Public information is…well…public.

I was replying to your original lament that you had asked Cirrus for data and they did not respond. Personally, I would not expect that they would, unless it was clear why it would be in their interest to give you numbers to work with. I’m not trying to imply any haughtiness on Cirrus’ part. I don’t think most manufacturers would respond to requests like that.