Garmin download corrupt file

I have a 2022 SR22T and have downloaded my updates monthly with ease. This week my US IFR/VFR charts 2310 doesn’t want to load and the says “Corrupt” in yellow. I have deleted my hard disc twice and re downloaded from my computer/ card reader to no success. Any other hints or tricks to make this work? Thanks for your consideration.

I’ve been dealing with the same issue for several months now. It’s entirely frustrating.

When I first encountered the problem, I did the updates several times, erased and reformatted and then replaced the SD Card. Then I was advised to delete all the databases on the plane and reinstall from a card, which I did. What I wasn’t told was that the Checklists were also on the panel to be deleted! So the databases loaded cleanly but no checklists. I had to scrub flights while I figured out how to reload those.

Now, every time I go to do updates I get some kind of problem. My previously updated files won’t move to Active, even though nothing shows as corrupt. JDM also won’t transfer the latest charts file any longer, gives me an error message but no defined path to fix it.

Tearing my hair out with it.

Trey, thanks for the response. I contacted Jepp and they sent me the following info:
Hello, here are the steps to delete internal databases to resolve the corrupt ifr/vfr charts error:

In some G1000NXI configurations you are able to delete individual or all databases from either the Active or Standby source. Here are the steps to access the Page Menu if the unit is capable:

Turn the large FMS Knob to select the Aux page group on the MFD.
Turn the small FMS Knob to select the Database page group on the MFD.
Press the Menu Key.
Turn the small FMS Knob to select your preference ‘Delete All Internal Databases’ or ‘Delete Individual Databases’
From the Delete Individual Database Menu → Select Source either Active or Standby → Using the small FMS knob you can scroll down to the individual databases you wish to Retain or Delete
Once your selections are complete a message in yellow will display which databases will be deleted during the next on-ground restart

I also sent this to my Cirrus service center.



I just had the EXACT same issue, with the same database.

That can’t be a coincidence…

How did you re-load the checklists ?

Well, I just tried it again and deleted the database. To my added frustration, everything is now deleted including my checklists! I will be downloading my database tomorrow and trying again. This can’t be a coincidence!

I don’t have the link any longer but it was on the Garmin site. You just add it to the SD card and it uploads easily … unlike the other ones!

I found an easy solution.

I wiped the SD card, and re-downloaded all of the databases.

Apparently the G1000 detected the later creation date of the new file, and proceeded to copy the database over the downloaded, corrupted one, even though the version was the same.

Issue fixed.