Garmin 430 GPS/COMM/NAV Simulator

A Garmin 430 simulator can be downloaded from the Garmin website.

Go to, select “Aviation” from left column, select “GNS 430”.

Or go directly to:

If it is the same one I got with the plane, it is excellent.

It is easier to use the radios in the plane because it is much easier to use the actual control knobs and buttons than operating the simulator with a mouse, but you can learn more conveniently with the simulator.

I wish I had the simulator before my delivery date.

This radio is hot on the market because it is a great value.

I would pass on the 3-blade prop or leather before I would give up the “C” option.

Talk to a mechanic and an avionics shop about what it would cost to have these options retrofitted.

Get the “C” option!!!

With two 430’s you have the ability to select different data to be displayed on each one, you can transfer a flight paln from one to the other, and you only have to learn to operate the one model.

I do think the “C” option should include altidude intercept on the autopilot.