G2 Turbo questions

I’m sure there will be much discussion on the turbo section of the forum about this so I will start with an apology for not being a “full” member!

We’ve finally decided that we want to go down the Cirrus route - probably a G2 GTS - possibly a turbo but I’ve only read one written piece about the turbo versus the normally aspirated which seemed to indicate that the turbo was primarily for use in the upper airways - high teens / lower 20’s and some other posts on the guests section about NA v turbo on here.

Is the 17.5gph of the turbo LOP? Do the turbo and NA perform similarly under say 12k fuel flow etc.? The article I read said that the turbo was flown ROP and therefore following on from that, is the range of the turbo similar to the NA? What about TBO - presumably with the higher operating temperatures, the TBO on the turbo is lower than the NA?

Finally, for you UK owners, can anyone recommend finance options (I’m talking on a G2)?


Welcome. Rather than start the 24,785th “turbo vs. NA” thread, let’s everyone hold their fire and refer Ian to existing threads like this one and this one.

(My personal take as a Turbo owner is here.)


Pretty close. The point is, in the Turbo you would not typically fly below 12K anyway.

The article is wrong. The SR22TN is required to be flown LOP.

Gordon, thanks for your response however, those links don’t appear to work for me - maybe they are in the members section which I am not subscribed to?

Ian - there is a whole host of useful information to a potential Cirrus pilot behind the paywall. I highly recommend signing up and benefiting from the years of insightful knowledge that has been posted on the forums. It will be the best £40 you could possibly spend as a Cirrus pilot.

Yes. Time to join. You will be astounded by all of the information and knowledge you’ll find in the member forums.

Let’s see, a G2 Turbo is probably worth at least 160000 pounds. That would make a year of membership 0.025 percent of the purchase price. Can you say “no-brainer”? No offense and, hopefully, welcome to COPA,