Front Seat Covers

Does anyone have a source for sheepskin seat covers that will fit the front seats of the SR-2X? I don’t like the idea of covering that beautiful leather, but it’s hot in the South during the Summer!

I bought some through Sporty’s. $395 for the front seat pair. They don’t list
Cirrus, but they filled the order and they fit perfectly, including already having
the proper slots for the recline levers on both sides of each front seat.

They look great.

They didn’t reduce perspiration on my back as much as I thought they
might, during warm weather… but they sure are comfortable.

They took about 20 minutes each to install. I had to cut the slots for
the shoulder harness, but otherwise they were ready for installation when
I received them. I was worried that they may interfier with retraction of the
shoulder harness, but that hasn’t been an issue.