FREE Pilot Service for New England Region. Cessna 172 preferred.

Hello All!

I’m able to fly anybody who can provide a Cessna 172 aircraft from anywhere in the Boston, MA region. I can fly to anywhere around the MA, CT, NH, ME, NY, and/or VA regions. I can fly for FREE. If interested, please contact me @ Hope to talk soon!

Care to post your resume?


Good for you to make such an interesting offer. However, you are not likely to get much traction this way. Offered as constructive advice.

  1. This is a club that is populated with Cirrus owners. There simply are not many 172 owners here. Off the top of my head I cannot name one, although there may be a couple. Our members may know someone, but that is pretty random.

  2. You have posted in a guest forum. Many of our members do not even follow that forum much less respond to those. We do not permit advertising in the guest as well. We have had unscrupulous people use this forum, which is why we do not allow its use that way.

  3. We do have a Marketplace forum that you can advertise in that people do follow. But you have to become a member to use that forum.

I suggest if you are serious you join COPA.