for sale VK30 Turbine powered

The final Project of a lifetime builder. (John Murphy) builds A Walter turbine powered Vk-30 complete ready for paint and upholstery. John Murphy has Built over 10 years by FAA DAR with 17 other homebuilts completed multiple Rutan designs. The airplane is a work of engineering artistry. Loss of medical forces sale.

Air worthiness cerificate issued, Has not flown due to medical. This is no toy and not for a novice. But a dream come true for the one pilot lucky enough to own such a rare and unique airplane.

Willing to sell for the costs of the Avianics and the Walter Turbin
I will have pictures this week and can send them to interested individuals.

Interested parties should contact Mark Murphy 321-863-6293

I was closeto johnny Murphy for the 4 years that I lived in Orlando during the early 1990s. John aows real craftsmanship in all of his. I have personally seen his VK 30, two Glassair 3s, and a Lightening Bug that were built by Him plus a refurbished C35 Bonanza that he bought from salvage. John was president of the DAA chapter at Merrit Island for many years. I would have 100 percent confidence to fly anything built by Johnny. I believe he retired from Nasa as chief engineer at the Cape.