Flying the Caribbean (Part 6) - to Dominica -- An unspoiled, unheralded gem of an island

A simple two-hour flight from BVI to Dominica. A few broken cloud layers and a short field with terrain at each end await us.

Rather than the 4-to-8 flight-hour days of previous episodes, this time we get to devote more video time to in-cockpit details and decision making.

I had practiced the visual approach at TDCF to runway 19 on the home sim, but seeing the terrain and houses up the hillside in real life was an added pleasant thrill. What are your thoughts on the “45 degree angled to the numbers” short final flown here (at 0:04 and 11:30)? Other suggestions/observations?

Thoughts, questions, and suggestions? I’d love to hear from you.
Thanks for your insight and enjoy the video!
Wayne, the GeezerGeek Pilot

Nice Video. Well Edited. Subscribed.

Ivan, thanks for the kind words and the subscribe! Very glad you enjoyed the video.

Same here, loved it and subscribed

Mario, thanks and glad you enjoyed. More episodes coming soon.


Made the same approach in a Cessna 414A about 5 years ago. Really wasn’t too concerned about the angle coming in, and the wind a week later favored going out in the opposite direction over the houses so a slight turn took us out to sea. It is a wonderful place for diving and visiting.

Lewis, nice job getting a 414 in and out of TDCF. It is a wonderful island.


Thanks for posting - enjoyed your video! Last year, my wife and I spent six weeks in the Bahamas doing some island hopping. Next year, I hope to fly further south, and Dominica looks wonderful.


Craig, glad you enjoyed the video! In addition to Dominica we also visited South Caicos, BVI, Nevis, and Exuma/Bahamas (see other videos in the same YouTube playlist)… all were lovely. Of the 5 locations, BVI and Nevis are probably a notch more upscale, but all were very enjoyable and each has a range of accommodations from upscale resorts to live-off-the-economy AirBnBs (our approach). The beaches are probably best on the other islands, but for me Dominica was the favorite because of, well, unspoiled beauty and mountain landscape.

You almost can’t go wrong with any of these locations (or the thousands of other Caribbean islands, I expect). I’d suggest, pick a few islands, stay a least a 2-to-3+ nights on each, relax and have a great time. The flying and logistics (customs/immigration) is a little more involved than the Bahamas, but still (compared to many other countries) pretty darn easy.

All the best. Let me know if you have any questions I might help with.