Flying the Caribbean (Part 4) - to South Caicos -- Ever been in a Holding stack with 2 airliners?

We’re now heading out over the water, refueling in the Bahamas, and on to Turks & Caicos. Decent weather, an interesting instrument approach to a busy airport, and 2 nights on very quiet enjoyable island.

Share your “holding” stories… ours was in a holding stack with two airliners.

We had a super easy time clearing at Exuma, Bahamas… but a pricey and slow time clearing at Provo, Turks & Caicos… what experiences have you had? Do you use a handler or role your own? On this trip thru six countries, we tried each way?

Controllers… what are your thoughts about working approach and tower, on a busy weekend, with no radar?

Thoughts, questions, and suggestions? I’d love to hear from you.
Thanks for your insight and enjoy the video!
Wayne, the GeezerGeek Pilot