Flying into KMSP

In the next month or so I may have to pick up a customer coming from Edmonton and bring him to 9D1 for a pheasant hunt. My best option is to fly him commercial to KMSP and pick him up with the Cirrus. I need a port of entry airport and one that offers flights direct from Edmonton.

Has anyone flowen into msp if so what was there experience like. I am ok with busy airports but would like to hear if others have done this in the Cirrus



I have landed at MSP VFR and it went well although the controller politely reminded me that Flying Cloud was 10 miles to the west next time :slight_smile: it’s more expensive at Signature there also. studying a hard copy of airport diagram makes landing and taxiing much easier for me.

Most recently I landed at Fleming a little to the east, took the courtesy car to MSP and picked up my passengers, that worked well and would do it that way again.

Have a great trip!

I’ve been into MSP. Piece of cake. Well, that is to say it’s like any class bravo airport. Busy and they expect you to be at the top of your game. No reason to avoid it, IMO.



I’ve flown into all the Minneapolis-area airports frequently over the years. The three best options are MSP itself, Flying Cloud (FCM) and St. Paul Downtown (STP).

The only advantage to MSP is convenience; all your customer will need is a ride from the main terminal to $ignature. Be prepared to keep 150 knots to at least the Outer Marker or if it’s a VMC day, be vectored nearly overhead the airport for a slam-dunk approach to 12R/30L. Everything costs more there.

FCM is in a fuel price war there right now, the other day I paid a little over $5/gallon. (I know, still high, but this is Minnesota, Land of 10,000 taxes). Crew cars seem to be readily available and it’s pretty easy driving to/from MSP. Plus in/out of the Class Bravo is well handled by Minneapolis Approach/Departure. Most cabbies know how to get there from MSP, too.

St. Paul is also very easy in and out, but the fuel prices are higher. One FBO never seems to have their crew car available, the other, Signature, always seems to have everything ready to go for you. But they are “The high-price spread” to be sure.

Just some things to consider.

Be safe and have fun,

I prefer Thunderbird a KFCM. Have your friend grab a cab ride over to the FBO. An easy out to the west on departure for you.

Done KMSP in a Cirrus and 172 to meet with TSA and Customs for business reasons… Signature is easy, a little $$ but I would not be discouraged and try to be on your A game…

I would fly into Eden Prairie, borrow the club car and pick up your friend at baggage claim.

Thanks for all the great reply’s, if the trip works out I believe I will just fly into KMSP.