Flightstar vs flightsoft

I’ve search and found good comments about flightstar software. But I didn’t find any comparsions. Any one has a feel for the differences. Does Jeppesen continue to require up grades? Are both using Web based weather? Larry

I own both. Flightstar is heads and tails better than flightsoft when it comes to finding and plotting routes. Overall, I suggest flightstar (jepp) over flightsoft.

Cool things that flightsoft does better: (a) you can plan fuel stops at places with cheap gas [does not use airnav database though, sigh] (b) much easier to enter manual flight plans with flightsoft.

I wish flightstar had plug-ins. I would love to make a “find cheap gas during flight” plug-in. The difference in price between Meigs (CGX) and Warren is $2/gal (!)

Unfortunately, I think v8.5 in flighstar took a step backwards in GPS direct plotting when they added altitude searches. My plots will stop mid-way for no apparent reason (i.e. try to plot IFR GPS direct PAO-CGX-CYYZ and it will get hung up finding a route between CGX and YYZ, definitely a bug).

I own FlightStar. For the most part, very happy with it. I have to make adjustments to the TAS it comes up with using its interpolations and the Bonanza model I use. It is a pain to make those changes. All in all, though, a very useful program. Much better than their Jeppview software used with the CD ROM chart subscription. Jeppview sucks so bad it is a joke.

BTW, Jepp now publishes SR2x models for Flightstar.

Yes, but the SR22 model there is wrong. Use mine instead.

I am hoping to find a new Flightstar model for SR20 with the 100 lb weight increase.

Do you know is it exists?