Flight Sim 2000 users, How to Change Your &quotN&quot Number (Long)

Directions on How to Change Your “N” number

The following set of instructions are intended for those who recently had me email you the sr20/22 for Flight Simulator 2000 with custom IFR panel. These instructions will walk you through how to remove my “N357X” and create your own “N” number. These steps use MS Word but most word processing software and art shop software could probably also be used.

Part I

  1. Open a Word document

  2. Click on View, Toolbars, make sure “Drawing” is checked

  3. At the bottom of the screen there will be an icon that looks like a little sheet of paper with a tiny “A” in it’s upper left corner. This for opening a “Text Box”. Click on it and we will see a “+” or “crosshair” on the screen. Hold down the mouse button and drag open a rectangle. Once you let go, and you will have a text box on your screen. Make sure your text box is rectangular shaped. You make want to change its shape later, once your have typed in your registration number.

  4. We need to fill the text box in with a dark gray shade. In a real SRXX, the strip behind the N number is black. Because FS2000 recognizes black, as clear on an instrument panel, we will use a shade as close to black as we can. To select a color, click on the down pointing arrow on the right side of the tipping paint can icon, at the bottom of the screen.

  5. Now a gray box will appear with many different colors. At the bottom of this box we want to click on “More Fill Colors…”

  6. Once open, make sure the “Custom” tab is selected.

  7. Depending on what version of Word you have we need to enter the following numbers: Lum=40, Hue=160, Sat=0. This should create a very dark gray. If we make our shade any darker, FS2000 will recognize it as clear. Go ahead and click “OK”. Our text box should now be this new dark gray shade.

  8. Inside the text box should be a flashing bar. If not just click inside the box.

  9. At this point we can now type in our personal “N” number for your plane. Obviously we need to change the letter color from “Black” to “White”. To do this, click on the black, down pointing arrow, next to the “A” at the bottom of your screen. Color selections will appear, click on the “White” one. Now the letters you type in the text box will be white against the dark gray.

  10. You will most likely need to select the “Bold” option to make the letters thicker, plus you may need to change the font size to 16pt. You will have to experiment a little.

  11. Once you have the numbers and letters the way you want them we need to adjust the size of the text box. Click on the edge of the box to bring back the border. As you move you cursor near a corner, side, or edge, an arrow or arrows will appear. Hold down your mouse button until you have slid the box to the shape you want. When it looks good just click off some where on the screen to turn off the border.

  12. At this point we should be done. The new N number label you have just made should resemble my N357X that you have had to look at all this time wondering how to change it.

That completes the easy part. We need to make a copy of our new label and paste it in the panel art .bmp file. You may want to save this document before we move on.

Part II

  1. The tricky part now is trying to copy our label correctly. You may need to try this a few times to get it to work right. To copy, click on the screen a few inches away from the N number label a few times until you see the “Copy” icon along the top task bar highlight. Do not click on the label. We do not want the border showing.

  2. Now we need to open the .bmp file that the main instrument panel is in. Before we do this, just minimize the screen you are in currently.

  3. Click on “My Computer”, [C:] drive, Program Files, Microsoft Games, FS2000, Aircraft, Cirrus SR20, Panel, “Main.bmp”

  4. Click on the Edit tab and click “Paste”.

  5. The label will now appear in the upper left corner. Click and hold you mouse button down to be able to drag it down over my label.

  6. If the new label is too big or small you will need to make some adjustments.

  7. Your new label once you drag it down to the main panel may also have a white edge around part of it. You can fix this by dragging up where it is black and cutting off the white part, then drag it back down. To remove anything you don’t want select the “----“ dashed rectangle out line, on the far left, and drag it over your N number label.

  8. If you really mess all this up, just exit the window and say “No” to making any new changes. If it turns out the way you want say yes.

This obviously is not the only changes you can make to the panel. Once you are in the ,bmp files, you can change the panel how ever you want. If you are interested in “Free” software that you can down load to move instruments around or change them, the web site is www.cfgedit.com This is the software I used to make all the different panels I have been emailing out to all of you. The software is so easy to use you don’t even need the instructions.

Good luck, happy flying, hope you get your SRxx soon.

Jim Campbell sr20#357

(818) 366-7877