Flight max 5000

Has anyone heard anymore on a delivery dates for the Flight Max as an option?

My SR22B is due 2-5-02 and my Addendum to Purchase Agreement specifies the Avidyne. I understood from Avidyne that the first production units would be delivered in January 2002, and the agreement with Cirrus confirms that. Pending any official notification from Cirrus that they are no longer installing the ARNAV, I would specify by letter to Cirrus that you want the Avidyne Flight Max 5000C.

I don’t know when the first production SR2x with the Avidyne is being delivered, but I suspect mine is one of the early ones. Anybody with an earlier date getting the Avidyne?

Do you have confirmation that your plane will have an installed unit? Or a shiny aluminum panel?


Rick: I would be unhappy if all I got was a shiny aluminum panel. I believe that Avidyne is delivering production units in January 2002. Cirrus has contracted to deliver an aircraft with the Avidyne. I was pleased to see that no additional money was required to get the Avidyne. When I spoke with Michelle, she did not indicate any difficulty in my receiving the aircraft with the Avidyne in place. Barring any production delays with Avidyne, I should have a shiny map display instead of a shiny aluminum panel. I don’t know what more confirmation Cirrus can give at this point other than an “Addendum to Purchase Agreement” reading that I have “Upgrade to B package, to include Avidyne display”. I read that as an installed unit.


Can you please clarify the Avidyne situation. I spoke with Alison at Cirrus today and was informed that ARNAV is still the standard MFD and Avidyne to be an option that you have to pay for. As far as a panel or the MFD…they can’t install something they don’t have.

David: I think it depends on when your plane will be delivered. All I can tell you is that the Addendum to Purchase Agreement specifies the Avidyne display.

So far as the cost of each MFD is concerned, I recall that the cost was identical: $12,950 if I recall correctly. I don’t have the cost information right at hand, but that is the figure I remember. Since the cost is the same once Cirrus starts putting in the Avidyne on the production line, the cost should be the same to the purchaser.

My information from Avidyne is from Jamie Luster which I received on 11/16/01. It is as follows:

“Cirrus has indicated to us that they will begin Avidyne installations in production aircraft in January, 2002. We will have the portable loader and subscription services available at that time for Nav Data updates. We haven’t finalized the subscription services yet, and the loader may or may not be included with the subscription. The services will only offer Nav Data, no charts or sectionals (they are not available on the EX5000). The NavData includes updates on all airspace, waypoint, airway, airport etc. information. It will also include obstacle and curved flight path information.”

This is earlier than the information that I was getting from my contract administrator Michelle Fawcett, who was still saying “first quarter 2002”.

In summary, Cirrus is agreeing to provide the Avidyne at the same price as the ARNAV at least for my delivery date. Avidyne is saying “January 2002” on the delivery date. It all adds up for me.

Interesting my Sr22 is to be delivered 2/11 and Cirrus is telling me there is an upcharge of $5500. Larry

Larry: Here is the text of the post I put on the Member’s Forum on the same point:

"My apologies to all: it appears that I was reading the contractual language too literally. I got a telephone call from Michelle, my Contract Administrator to the effect that she forgot to include in the contract language “to include Avidyne display at additional cost T.B.D.”

What I was interpreting as a decision by Cirrus to offer the Avidyne at the same price as the ARNAV was in fact just a case of careless contractual draftsmanship. Oh well…! "