First sequence through 50 to 100 flaps work fine. After that flaps to 50 will fail but will go too 100 percent. Back up to 50 percent , no problem, back to zero flaps no problem. Switched flap relays, same problem with no change. Suggestions?

Bad flap position sensor.

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Asus Nexus 7

The flaps do not go to the 50percent position after the first try. So the sensor will keep the flaps from moving? Thanks for the reply.

JR LeGout:
The flaps do not go to the 50percent position after the first try.

So what do they do? Do they move at all? What LEDs are on? If you can describe the failure mode in more detail it will help the diagnosis. Move the switch to each position and note whether the flaps move and what LEDs are on.

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Asus Nexus 7

So which relays did you switch?

On initial start up the flaps and all lights work correctly For one time only. In air or on ground same results also. So on run-up and take off everything appears just fine. First time i deploy 50 percent flaps, movement to 50 percent and light, lift off and switch to zero, movement to zero and light.On downwind, zero flaps and light, switch to 50 percent flaps, nothing, no movement of flaps or light. Reduce speed and switch to 100 percent and flaps deploy to 100 percent ,100 percent light. While flaps are moving the 50 percent light will come on through that stage and go out and down to 100 percent with 100 light.During movement of flaps when the 50 percent light comes on I can switch knob up to 50 percent and hold flaps there. Really strange, but I can make things work in this sequence . Strange, but that is what is happening. I switched the two flap relays to see if flap problem would change in a different way, but got the exact same results, so relays are ok? Thanks again.

Ok, sounds like it could be the switch that is faulty. I would suggest using some contact cleaner (Deoxit) on the switch. If you’re lucky that will be all it takes, though if the problem later recurs replacing the switch would be advisable. The other possibilities are a bad connection between the switch and control board or a bad board itself. Since the problem appears to be temperature or vibration sensitive a dry solder joint on the board is a definite possibility.

Your relays and position sensors are OK.


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Asus Nexus 7

What speed are you flying on downwind?

What was the solution to this? I am having the exact same flap problem on 2005 SR20.