Flap Wear Thru Polyurethane Protective Tape

I recently purchased a 2006 SR22 and I am changing the Polyurethane Protective Tape along the flap top. I am looking for ideas to correct/fix the abrasion closest to fuselage and step surface as per the picture. It wears thru the tape into the metal. I think the wear is from continuous steppFlap RubWear.jpging on the top of wing and pushing down on top surface to create a low spot causing the wear as per the picture. Any ideas on adjustments for separation before I apply new Polyurethane Protection Tape?

The maintenance manual, section 57-50, completely covers these measurements. See the attached file.

Enjoy. [:D]
57-50.pdf (1.79 MB)

Thanks Paul for your help and attachment. COPA is a great tool. Happy Flying!!!