FBO Scratched my windshield, what would you do?

I have a good relationship with my FBO. For the most part, they do OK work. I had my oil changed recently and noticed a 2" scratch in the shape of a “J” on my windshield. Looks like it may have come from the cowl as they were putting it back on. I tried removing the scratch with cleaning solution, but it doesn’t budge, both inside and outside of the windshield. The manager said they had a rubbing compound that could get it out, but I’m doubtful. Three weeks later, he hasn’t been by to try fixing it. The oil change was $300 and I haven’t paid it yet.

How would my fellow COPA members handle the situation? They are the only FBO on the field. If I burn a bridge with the guy, I’m fearful he won’t work on the plane at times when I need it the most. Should I just swallow pride and live with the scratch? Or get angry and make him replace the windshield?

An abrasive compound will work the scratch out and then you polish the windscreen back to its current state. Requires patience but the outcome can be good as new. Presuming it it not too deep and done properly you will never know it was there.

Have someone who knows compounding and polishing do it. Very easy to make it worse. You can try it slowly yourself if not in a field of view position. If it is deep you will likely have a magnifying effect no matter what. This stuff is what the pros use on our aircraft windows. Wizards finish cut compound.

I have a small light scratch down low on the windshield. I would love to hear your favorite producuts and a run down of the process you have used. I already have the elbow grease. Thanks Roger.

MIcro- mesh kit is what you will need. Simple, and fast work on that small scratch you have.

You can buy from aircraft spruce


Thanks Guy, those kind of look like 80grit orbital sander pads

Plus 1 on the Micro Mesh kit.