Engine Rebuild Cost

Disclaimer, Im a non pilot aspiring to be a Cirrus owner one day just asking questions to learn.

If one were to buy a 2001-2003 SR22 with a 2000 hr engine, whats the range of cost to rebuild engine?

Approximately how much value would this add to the airplane?

Thank you

55k installed for a FREMAN. Maybe about 25k value.

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You can overhaul an engine to service limits (not recommended) for $30,000 or so. A good (new limits) overhaul at a good shop will run about $55,000 including re installation. A factory re manufactured engine will be about that as well. There are pros and cons of each “rebuilding” method. Those numbers are for the IO550. The IO360 is a little less.

An overhaul to service limits will add little value to the airplane. A quality overhaul or re manufactured engine will initially add a good percentage of the overhaul cost to the airplane but the added value diminishes with use.

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I was recently quoted $38k for overhaul of an IO-550N, and paid $46k for a factory reman last summer. Labor will be around $3-5k, and new engine mounts about $2k. They will typically find a few thousand worth of other things that need doing when the engine is removed.

Doing the prop and governor as well is typically another $6k or so.