ECCFI (GFL), N171CD tried (twice) but just couldn't...

Well, 2 of my partners and I tried (a gallant effort if I may say so myself) but WX just came down upon us. We departed N07 about 11:00 cruising up the Hudson at about 1800 feet. We got about 10 miles north of Columbia County airport and down came the ceiling. When I finally had to descend down past 1500 feet I (we) decided to turn around and land at Columbia and wait it out. We were there for about an hour, got updated weather. WX report looked optimistic. Off we go. Again, we got about 10 to 15 miles north of Columbia and the ceiling came down on us. This time we did the 180 and headed home.

Hope all those that made it had a good time, I’ll look forward to the next one. Lets keep our fingers crossed and may the WX gods be with us.

Larry, N171CD