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I’ve logged in to the new site and can’t find a way to download past issues of the COPA Pilot magazine. Only the table of contents is available? I’ve logged out and in multiple times etc. What am I doing wrong?

Be sure you’re logged in. For me, the Table of Contents and Download Issue links are below each magazine’s cover.


Are you a paid member of COPA? I only ask because you are not logged in as a COPA member on the forum. If you are, you may have to update your CC information to renew your membership.

Please update the credit card on file By clicking “Manage Subscriptions” in your Passport settings:

Please send an email to if you continue to have issues with your account.

@hanstb beat me to it!

I checked this new system and our previous to verify and show you are a “Guest Member”

You subscription expired: 12/30/2018

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Ha, I guess being a tech exec for 30 years didn’t help my tech user skills. New paid member, again!

All good, thanks for the quick help!

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One last step, log out and back into the forum so you are logged in as a COPA Member. :+1:

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