Can you imagine?
Diamond Aircraft seems to have the nose in front regarding the GA’s efforts in bringing out a DIESEL-capable engine with their new DA40 DIAMOND STAR…
Last week they had their official maiden flight - a great success according to the press:
Performance is convincing, the fuel consumption even tops it - it takes no more than 2-5 usgal ph!
By the way, what is the sr21td doing?

Yes its true, download pictures of Diamond DA 40 TDI maiden flight nov 29 11 30 am
150 + kts at 4.2 usgal jet A1
certified mai2002


Dear Heinz,

Thank you for being a new sponsor of COPA !

Now all this motorglider-add needs is certification, more cabin room, doors, a chute, competitive avionics, your complete name and function at Diamond and a move to the marketplace section of this message forum…

Jaap (SR20a #683) ;-))