Dealing with Trolls


First, AOL posted a good definition of an Internet Troll here.

Second, as stated in the above reference, the best way to deal with Internet Trolls is to simply ignore them - to simply not respond to them (as they don’t listen to reason anyway…).

Think of all the time and energy we can save by not responding to their bait![:)]


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simply ignore them

I believe that was what I said on the member forum - seems everyone prefers to engage the troll rather than ignore him. Personally I ignore those posts and never read them.

Marty, thanks for that link to the AOL page. It’s one of the best things AOL has ever produced [;)], and has surprising resonance in the current COPA instance.

The forum software needs a “block all posts from ___” option. Readers can filter out posts from the troll automagically, and never have the temptation to respond.


The “ignore them” advice has been given again and again for years. But the bait is so tempting that folks continue to get sucked in… Not me - well usually not me.[:)]


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forum software needs a “block all posts from ___” option.

Yep - that would be very helpful, but may be impractically hard to accomplish.

Steve, got your ears on? Is the above even possible?